Video #2 | Where We Are In the World Of Ecomm


How eCommerce Came to Be & Where We're Headed

100 years ago you were limited with how you could sell to a wide audience. Most entrepreneurs sold locally. Fast forward to today and you can sell your product online to any first world country!

It's never been a better time to start selling online. 
Online purchases are expected to double in 2019. 

This is because:

  • Millenials are coming to an age where they have money to spend
  • Gen Y, X, and Baby Boomers now feel more familiar with buying online
  • Social media allows people to share their purchases and recommendations
  • Mobile use is higher than ever before

Ezra discusses how most online purchases are made over several devices. Someone may see an ad on their mobile, and then use a desktop or tablet to learn more and buy the product.

People seem to use a larger device to make the final purchase. Ezra surmises that this may be because when on a mobile, it's a very fragmented experience. There are so many distractions when using a mobile.  


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