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You choose which kind of support you’d like for your Shopify store.



Submit your task, describing what work you’d like done.



We send you the completed project, you approve, we publish.

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Next Task

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  • Design & Image changes

    Home page design, theme tweaks, new promotional banners, icon design, product photo clear cutting and more.

  • App setup & styling

    Not all apps are straight forward to set up and install. Especially ones with complex rules. Let us take care of it for you.

  • Advanced integration

    We can help integrate third party software with your Shopify store. E.g. accounting, email marketing and more.

  • Responsive + Bug fixes

    With the majority of online traffic using a mobile or tablet, you need to make sure your website is 100% responsive.

  • Content Loading

    Migrating from another platform? Or need help loading page or product content? We can do it.

  • Promotional Material

    Keep your branding consistent & see better results when using promotional banners that are professionally designed.

Why Athletic Greens Needed ShopHelper

Why Athletic Greens Needed ShopHelper

The Athletic Greens team came to ShopHelper for help creating split testing page templates. We created unique, sectioned page templates for them to suit their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a single task?

A single task is work that takes 1 hour or less to complete.

An example of this would be changing the colour of some elements, moving things around on your product template, or setting up your navigation menu.

Any changes that take less than an hour to do.

Examples of work that do not count as a single task:
- Full page redesign
- Wholesale setup
- Custom complex contact form
- Copywriting
- Setting up your domain 

If you're not sure, send us a message.

Are there types of tasks that you don’t do?

We don't do:
- Ad management
- Repetitive data entry
- Full page redesigns
- Complex custom forms

How does your turnaround time work?

Depending on your plan, we’ll respond to you within 12-24 hours. Once we have your project confirmed (the more detail you provide, the better!) then the 1 business day turnaround starts to return your project completed to you.

Am I able to use my subscription for more than 1 store?

Our Support plan is only for a single store

If you’re needing support for more stores you can purchase another plan or get in touch.

I have a whole heap of things I’d like you to do, can you do them?

Yes! On our Support plans you can have one task running at a time and each task must be 1 hour or less to complete. We do not allow splitting larger jobs into multiple tasks.

Do you accept agency work?

Yes, we do. But please get in touch with us first to see if we’re the right fit for you.

What are some examples of tasks?

- Design changes to themes
- Set up subscription apps
- Add custom fields to product pages
- Fix responsive issues
- Install instagram feed
- Add secondary image on hover
- Install a custom font
- Bulk resize images
- Add custom functionality
- Newsletter styling
- Design promotional banners
- Add product tags & setup collections
- Install & setup custom forms
- Add and update Lookbooks

Not sure if yours counts? Message us.

Do you offer consulting or advice on what I should be doing with my store?

Yes, we do, on our Shopify Growth plans. These plans are perfect for businesses looking to take it to the next level.

When can I contact you & when do you work on my project?

We’re available during the week to answer your emails and work on your projects.

We’re open Monday to Friday from 8.30am-5.30pm (+13:00 GMT).

Our office is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Is my subscription renewed automatically?

Yes, you’ll be billed automatically every month. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Do you set up new stores, or do full website builds?

We do, but under our parent company - Zyber.

This is because ShopHelper is dedicated to solving your smaller tasks. We can also support you with growth strategies and consulting.

Am I able to get my clients work done via ShopHelper?

Yes, however we won’t liaise directly with your client. You will be our only point of contact.