Easy Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales

So you need help with getting ready for Christmas, huh?

Then you've come to the right place! 

In this blog post I'll be able to help you with some beautiful design ideas and assets for your Christmas marketing, show you why your customers are leaving things behind, and how you can get them back.

I wanted to write a blog post to help you & your store be ready for the Christmas season. As a Shopify store owner and being a Shopify Expert, I know what needs to be done to knock out a successful Christmas season. Trust me i’ve learnt the hard way on what to do and what not to do... 

I know things can get pretty crazy around Christmas. There’s so much to organise! Stock, email marketing, advertising, specials, website maintenance, social media upkeep… but did anyone get the Christmas imagery sorted?!

Free Christmas Design Assets for Your Store

I’ve selected some stunning Christmas themed graphics for you to use in your store, emails and marketing this year, it’s totally free for you to use.

Click here to be taken to the page where you can download the .zip file. Thanks to Freepik for the imagery! Freepik is a great resource for free design elements.

Below are a few banners that I whipped together with some of the free assets you can download above.

Get your store ready for Christmas with ShopHelper
Get your store ready for Christmas with ShopHelper
Get your store ready for Christmas with ShopHelper

You're more than welcome to use the banners above for your marketing and Shopify store.

If you’d like some help getting banners, emails, website design, or advertising ready for the silly season professionally designed - give ShopHelper a bell. We're here to help :)

Now that you’ve got shoppers interested and adding things to their cart, with Abandoned Cart Recovery you can send your shoppers emails reminding them of the products they've left behind. You can even set up discount incentives to be sent out automatically for shoppers who’ve abandoned your products in their carts. You can also set up a Recovery Series that include discounts to increase the likelihood of shoppers going through with the purchase.

Remind Your Customers They've Left Your Product Behind

81% of store owners believe shopping cart abandonment is just users browsing. Below is a breakdown of why your store may have a high shopping cart abandonment.

Get your store ready for Christmas with ShopHelper
Image from vwo.com

Let's look at the #1 cause of Abandonment - Unexpected Price

You’ve probably experienced it before, you add a $10 item to the cart and you go to checkout, but you notice the shipping is $12! There’s no way you’ll pay that so you leave the website and buy from somewhere else.

If the $12 shipping price was clearly displayed on a page and within the product page as well, it wouldn’t have been such a shock because I was expecting it. But as a shopper, I know it’s highly likely that there’ll be another store that sells the product I want and they’ll probably have free, or at least cheaper shipping.

In 2011 an eCommerce study has shown 61% of shoppers will cancel their purchase if free shipping is not available.

Consumers are expecting free shipping because the big guys offer it. You can offer free shipping too! You can either build it into your product’s cost, or you can set a threshold that the shopper has to meet before they get free shipping. This might look like ‘Free Shipping for Orders $50+’. You can even hold special sales where you have free shipping for a limited time, or where you lower your free shipping threshold.

What can you do about Abandonment on Shopify?

Shopify allows all monthly plan types access to abandoned cart recovery emails. The only difference is with the Basic plan, the emails aren’t automatically sent out to potential customers, you need to trigger them yourself. All monthly plans above Basic have this automated for them.

If you’re on a Basic plan and don’t want to manually send each email out, you can sign up with Soundest for a low cost each month and have the recovery emails automatically sent. Signing up with Soundest will also allow you to create email marketing campaigns.

Here’s where to find your Abandoned Cart settings:

How to set up your abandoned cart settings in Shopify

Here’s how you can send an Abandoned Cart Recovery email on a Basic Shopify plan:

How to set up your abandoned cart settings in Shopify

1. Direct yourself to the Abandoned Checkouts page by going to Orders > Abandoned checkouts


How to set up your abandoned cart settings in Shopify

2. Select one of the customers & click 'Send a cart recovery email'


How to set up your abandoned cart settings in Shopify

3. Write a message to your customer 

You could save your response somewhere so you can copy & paste it, rather than type it out each time. Shopify store owners on plans above Basic will have the option to set an automatic message to be sent out. 


How to set up your abandoned cart settings in Shopify

4. Click 'Confirm before sending', preview your message and make sure it looks good

You can change the way your notifications look by going to Settings > Notifications.


How to set up your abandoned cart settings in Shopify

5. Your cart recovery email has been sent! 

If you need any help getting your Abandoned Cart Recovery set up, take a look at how I can help you.

Well, I hope you’re feeling a bit more ready for the Christmas season now! :) Remember, if you need any help at all with your Shopify store - let me know and I’ll help you out as soon as I can.

- Steph